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Utah man arrested twice for violating 10-day travel quarantine on Kauai

David Barnes was arrested not once, but twice by Kauai Police Department for violating the Mayors 10 day travel quarantine order. Barnes who has already suffered from COVID 19, and tested negative for the virus before arriving in Kauai was arrested for visiting Costco before his hotel.


Spent my first three days in Kauai in jail because I went to Costco before I went to my hotel. #kauaipd #sgtaloevera #kpdbitches #officervillanueva❤️

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Barnes was released after a three day visit, and quickly learned that his hotel reservation was canceled, due to his first arrest. Barnes was placed in a hotel where he was ordered to stay in his hotel for 10 days. Barnes received daily checks by the military to make sure he was complying with the order.

Barnes was arrested a second time, due to most likely the police following his TikTok account. This should be alarming to anyone reading this story.

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