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Tucker Carlson: Our Military Has Gone Full Woke

Tucker Carlson noted that our military is starting to become uncomfortably woke under Joe Biden.

For example, Tucker took aim at Joe Biden’s new military “Chief of Diversity & Inclusion.”

Tucker notes Torres-Estrada attacks the police, touts Black Lives Matter, and compares Trump to Hitler on his Facebook page. These tweets should give you an even deeper appreciation of what he’s like.

Is this a guy that any of us should want affiliated with our military? Carlson also noted that the new secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin, is woke, calls people racist at the drop of a hat and wants to purge the military of “extremists.” Of course, what is an extremist to this guy? Probably exactly the sort of people reading this article. Tucker also goes on to note example after example of the military shifting to the Left and notes that NONE of this woke nonsense makes America safer. So, is the military here to protect America or promote far-left-wing ideas?

Under Joe Biden, we all know the answer. You could have guessed that from the CNN Townhall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin back in February where Joe Biden suggested that former members of the military were filling up the ranks of white supremacists. That is, as Tucker notes, now a regular refrain from the Left.

The truth is that although liberals claim to see them EVERYWHERE, white supremacists are actually very rare in America. At the most, they are a fraction of a percent of the population. Given that the Nation of Islam could fairly be called black supremacists, there could even be more black supremacists than white supremacists in America.

When you get right down to it, this is just the same kind of scam that the Southern Poverty Law Center has been running for years on a bigger level. They hype the threat of “hate groups” into the stratosphere, liberals go out of their minds over it and no one ever asks the SPLC hard questions about how they justify their incredibly overinflated numbers.

It’s disgusting enough that liberals like Joe Biden are playing that divisive game on an even bigger level, but to smear the police and the military in the process is disgraceful. What Joe Biden is doing to the military is shameful and if a career politician like Joe Biden were capable of shame, he should feel it now.

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