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Pastor Jack will be in THE WHY SERIES tonight and will be teaching on Theology and Me, what it means to be a human created in the image of God


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Steve Guti

Steve Guti16 hours agoPlease pray emergency apocalyptic out of control raging fires in desvastion in California and Oregon and Washington State.many small earthquakes in California in the last hour. Wildfires also in Arizona Wyoming and Nevada and Utah and Idaho and Colorado many brothers and sisters lost their homes and homeless and power outages and earthquakes and have many problems praying for our brothers and sisters and children and property and animals to be safe and may God help them with solutions soon they desperately need our prayers please pray for them praying for the lost to get saved before it’s too late in the end we will be victorious with the Lord praise God Jesus is coming soon praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you allRead more15REPLYView 3 replies

Steve Guti

Steve Guti16 hours agoThank you Jesus for saving us praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all15REPLY

Mark Hicks

Mark Hicks10 hours ago (edited)Why does an islamic ad keep coming up on a Christian channel?8REPLYView reply

Steve Guti16 hours agoHallelujah pray be thankful thank God praise God love God everyday praying for everyone everyday God bless you all6REPLY

My Happy Space8 hours agoIs it necessary for so many adds10REPLYView 4 replies

Justin Wright10 hours agoFor those who don’t have time to listen to all the music, the preaching starts around 25:00 <33REPLY

Zachary8 hours agoGreat teaching. The ads, however, are so numerous that they make the video almost frustrating.4REPLY

M Eisenhower10 hours agoI live in Colorado but you are my pastor and teacher. You have taught me so much. Ypu are a blessing. ?❤?3REPLY

Jan Pillay14 hours agoThank you Ps Jack, praying that God’s hand of Mercy and Grace be upon you all! I truly enjoy watching your services and so enjoy your teachings! So relevant for such a times as this! I wish to personally say a big thank you to your congregation for their we are able to watch from other countries. I know that Father God will bless you/ them for their obedience. God Bless CCCH3REPLY

exactly1506 hours agothese constant ads every 10 minutes makes me not want to watch.1REPLY

R Scott10 hours agoAwesome way to start my morning. Praising Our Father and Our Savior Jesus Christ. Hearing The Word of God and seeing people coming to The Lord. Amen3REPLY

Karen Arnold5 hours ago (edited)Isn’t it amazing Jack, once, back in June 77, you were there when Greg Laurie gave the invitation, and you answered.. .and look where you are today.. look how many you have been able to lead to the Lord, I get goose bump emotional each time I see people go forward, for there is rejoicing in heaven, and my heart bursts with happiness for these people who have made the most important decision of their lives!! How wonderfully God chose you, not only you, but the perfect partner for you, I realize very well how hard you both work, and I thank you and Lisa for the great job you both do. I very much appreciate that I can watch all your services and grow along with those who also watch. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and continuing to pray for your eye! ?❤Read more1REPLY

doTK God’s girl Matthew 6:3315 hours agoWhat a powerful service??? I’m so blessed that I am able to come to church and worship and sing and praise God and hear His Word and talk to other children of God and see people come to the front and say yes to Jesus or as a radical recommitment to you Lord God thank you thank you2REPLY

Casper6 hours agoTurn off your monetization please it interferes with following along.3REPLYView reply

Barbara Gentry12 hours agoLET’S JUST PRAISE THE LORD!!!!2REPLY

Chateaux de la Rogue15 hours agoCan’t wait for Oct 11. Going to be powerful!!1REPLY

SRQ Beach Girl5 hours agoI so like when y’all do the older Christian music! I feel like it is so much more worshipful. Really enjoyed Lord You’re Beautiful by Keith Green!REPLY

Carol Evans12 hours agoSurrender all to Jesus and he will not fail you. Blessings to all from South Africa ????2REPLY

Irreducible Elements of the Gospel

The gospel is the great nonnegotiable of Christian truth. We aren’t allowed to add to, subtract from, embellish, or rejigger the sacred message of how sinful men can be reconciled to a holy God.

That’s why the apostle Paul reserved his sternest warning for anyone who would dare to mess with the message: “If any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed” (Galatians 1:9).

The preacher is left with one option when it comes to faithful gospel proclamation—and it’s not an elusive option reserved for scholars. Paul expected his audience to be able to clearly differentiate between the one true gospel and all the other pretenders. It is an expectation implicitly placed upon all believers. With that in mind, we recently asked John MacArthur to identify and explain the essential truths of saving faith—the irreducible elements of the gospel.

Our destinies hinge on the unshakable nature of those truths. Any variation in just one of them and the hope of eternal life completely collapses.  

If you present a different god than the God of Scripture, you are effectively calling people to idolatry. If you preach another Christ you do not have the Lord; you have a liar or a lunatic. If salvation by grace through faith alone is corrupted with even the smallest amount of works-righteousness, “Christ will be of no benefit to you” (Galatians 5:2). If we don’t repent from our former sinful ways, we will perish (Luke 13:3,5).

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