Studies with Stearman: A Portrait of the Rapture

The Book of Philemon is actually a love letter; personal and private. More than that, it’s a prophetic portrait that captures the essence of the Church and the nature of God. Scholars refer to such biblical letters as “epistles,” but they are really messages that are addressed to groups and individuals.

They reveal the heart, soul and spirit of the Church, its people and its destiny. In the Old Testament, God used a variety of men to deliver the Law and prophecy, as well as history and poetic expression to His people. In the epistles – especially this one – He became much more personal.

Paul’s letter to Philemon tells the story of a Greek family and their household servant, Onesimus. Like no other book of the Bible, it allows us to see the inner workings of a family, made very special by their relationship with the Apostle Paul.

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