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Pats Pizza Delivery Driver Chip was recently harassed by a customer regarding the vaccine.


On the same day of a viral Tiktok video of a customer harassing a pizza delivery driver, who was delivering an order to the customers’ apartment complex. The customer filmed his interaction with Pats Pizza in Lancaster PA delivery driver “Chip”. The customer harassed the driver, by asking him for his medical information on his choice to not be vaccinated. The customer quested Chip’s choice to not take the vaccine and how many deliveries he made while being unvaccinated.

The Delivery Driver Chip, responded to the customer respectfully stating reasons that he is not getting the Mark of the Beast. Driver Chip says he would rather have his head cut off and that he would go visit Jesus!

While this is not the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation 13. The tribulation period has not started, but God Bless “Chip”, as you see a very smart man who recognizes how this vaccinate, the refusing to allow people to buy and sell, resembles the Mark of the Beast 666. My observation of Chip is that he held his composure to a ridiculous attack on his personal medical decisions. I also see a man who truly loves the Lord, and is willing to put his head on a chopping block as he knows his savior and that this world is not his home.

I have one question that is bugging me. Did this customer eat the Pizza? He harassed the driver and the driver lost his job. Remind you, this is not a high-paying job and most likely this guy works 100 hours a week to afford to live in this inflation-driven world. I think they ate the pizza, and next time they need to make sure and order a “Vaccinated” Pizza.

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