Mike Lindell | Scientific Proof Documentary

Mike Lindell released a new documentary Wednesday that offers scientific proof the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump.

Mike Lindell’s New Film Offers Scientific Proof of Stolen Election


The film Scientific Proof features an hour-long interview with physicist Dr. Douglas G. Frank, who reveals a stunning algorithm used nationwide to control the election.

“There’s only one truth here,” Lindell said. “This isn’t anything in between and the truth is out now.”

The interview was so compelling, Lindell decided to release it separately from his upcoming documentary. Absolute Interference is set for release next week, showing evidence of China’s interference in the 2020 election. The film is a follow up to Absolute Proof, his first documentary seen by 140 million people.

“When I came out with Absolute Proof all of that data, longitude, latitude, IP addresses,” Lindell said. “Since that time we took teams of people and went overseas and here to validate IP addresses.

Lindell said the film includes whistleblowers who have since flipped on Dominion. Lindell said the film offers 100 percent “irrefutable evidence” the election was stolen.

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