Jack Hibbs: My Dear Laodicea, I’ve Written You A Letter

Laodicea is the only church that Jesus had nothing good to say. However, this was not always the case. Pastor Jack teaches that the Church is more than just a building and that if Jesus is not within a church, it is dead inside.


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00:00I’m gonna ask all of you to stand right00:01now wherever you’re at and open your00:03your Bibles to the book of Revelation00:05chapter 3 as we look to the seventh00:09letter to the seventh church that Jesus00:11spoke to and that is the church at00:14Laodicea the Laodicean Church Revelation00:20chapter 3 beginning in verse 14 by the00:22way if you’re still turning there make00:24note of this it’s the longest letter of00:27the seven you’re gonna hear things today00:30that are gonna prep shock you in the way00:33of what you’ve been taught before or00:35you’ve assumed before but we’re going to00:38read this carefully and you’re gonna00:39come out of this Bible study today wiser00:42and smarter than when you went into it00:43and I want to give you a warning right00:46up front it’s the letter to the seven00:49churches and we’re gonna dial down on00:53that word Church and what it means and00:55what it doesn’t mean Jesus speaks00:58revelation three verse 14 and to the01:02Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans01:04write these things says the Amen the01:08faithful the true witness the beginning01:12of the creation of God I know your works01:17that you are neither cold nor hot I01:21could wish you were cold or hot so then01:26because you are lukewarm and neither01:27cold nor hot I will vomit you out of my01:31mouth because you say I’m rich I have01:37become wealthy I have need of nothing01:40and do not know that you are wretched01:43miserable poor blind and naked verse 1801:49I counsel you says Jesus to buy from me01:53gold refined in the fire that you may be01:56rich and white garments that you make be01:59clothed that the shame of your nakedness02:02may not be revealed and anoint your eyes02:06with eyesalve that you may see as many02:11as I love I rebuke02:13and chasten therefore be zealous and02:17repent verse 20 behold I stand at the02:21door and knock if anyone hears my voice02:24and opens the door I will come into him02:27and dine with him and he with me and to02:33him who overcomes I will grant to sit02:35with me on my throne as I also overcame02:38and sat on my father or with my father02:42on his throne verse 22 he was in ear to02:45hear let him hear what the Spirit says02:47to the churches Heavenly Father we pray02:51that your Holy Spirit would be the02:53deliverer of this message that dear God02:56in heaven above as we consummate our03:01teachings in this series and we come to03:03the last church on this last of these03:06seven weeks God I cannot help but03:11believe that this is a time period03:14ordained by you and how precious you are03:17God that as we even come to this last03:19Sunday before we meet publicly I didn’t03:22engineered these seven weeks you did on03:25April 26 when you spoke to my heart03:28about May 31st I didn’t think that up03:32you did and for this world to be in the03:36moment that we are in globally at the03:40same moment we didn’t concoct that you03:44did and all of this tells us Heavenly03:47Father that you are wanting and willing03:50now to do an eternal work in the life of03:54the believer in the life of the03:56unbeliever and in the life of those that03:59are wayward and they need to come back04:00to Jesus so oh mighty God I beg of you04:03now that you would be the instructor in04:06this message and we pray it in Jesus04:07name and all God’s people said amen04:10friends you can be seated as we get into04:14the background of Laodicea it’s a04:16fascinating church it’s a fascinating04:18study and as I said a moment ago it’s04:21one that Jesus dedicated more words to04:25this04:26Church than all the others Jesus gives04:30invitation to them with a sense of mercy04:33more than all others and yet you’ll04:38learn some things today about this04:39church that might chuck you a little bit04:42of the background it’s important to us04:44because first of all the location the04:47city of Laodicea finishes off that Roman04:53Imperial mail route that we’ve been04:56talking about we’ve almost completed now04:58a perfect oval that began with Ephesus05:02and we’ve gone through these six05:04churches and now come to the seventh05:06church which is now have gone down south05:09and then East and now a little bit East05:12and West heading down to close the loop05:16as it were on the Roman mail routes and05:20Laodicea is the last stop of that05:23message system think of it as an05:25internet or a link of information05:29technology it was the route for commerce05:32it was the route to communicate it was05:35the route that God picked to send the05:37Gospel message preached and it’s the05:39very route that Jesus delivers the05:42message to his churches and in this last05:45day and age those seven letters to those05:48seven churches also remarkably05:50miraculously correlate with the with05:54church history over the last two05:56thousand years05:57that’s right right now you and I are06:00living in the Laodicean period and06:02you’ll see why in a moment but it’s an06:05amazing location we also know that06:07there’s a hallmark to the city of06:10Laodicea and if you’ve ever been06:12involved in real estate or buying a home06:15what’s what’s the biggest thing at least06:17in America about buying a home the06:20biggest thing in fact it’s so important06:22that you might even buy a home that06:23you’re gonna have to eat beans and06:25potatoes or hot dogs for the rest of06:27your life just to pay for it because06:29there’s something that is so valuable to06:32the development or the income or the06:35equity of the home it’s not the size of06:38the house it’s not the look of a06:40else what is it I can hear it right now06:43location location location you can have06:47the right location and put a tent up and06:50it could be worth a million bucks at06:52least it is in California expensive06:57location and Laodicea had that location07:00remarkable location it became the07:04wealthiest area of that region of the07:08Roman Empire and by the way the07:10Laodicean church was well known to be07:13the wealthiest Church and all of the07:17churches of Asia Minor and especially07:20out of the seven churches mentioned in07:22the book of Revelation they had a very07:24desirable zip code if you know what I’m07:27talking about07:28they had the highest annual income per07:30household in Asia Minor07:32they had key locations of banking07:35textiles and medicine they were a very07:39where the Silicon Valley as it were of07:44the Laodicean region and its origin07:48Laodicea the city got its name from07:50Antiochus the second07:52you all remember Antiochus Epiphanes07:55Antiochus the third that that’s his son07:58this guy’s Antiochus the second and he08:01dedicated the city to his wife Laodicea08:05and it was named after her after by the08:08way after he named after he gave her the08:12gift of the city and named it after her08:14he then divorced her but I guess that’s08:18the way it goes but her name by the way08:21man’s strange name listen up but the08:24name means to rule the people or to rule08:27over the people or the rule of the08:29people and it suggests that there is a08:33system the way though the way it’s08:35wrapped it’s understood then we can08:37understand it now that there’s a system08:39in place of religion it speaks about man08:42governing over man that speaks about man08:45governing man’s power man’s institution08:48man’s ways it speaks of man08:51made activities it speaks of a man08:54centric location a man controlled08:59location and think about it as Jesus09:02looks at it will see that it implies09:03that it is a man driven man supported09:07man executed church it’s all about man09:10in that church it’s not about Jesus as09:14you’ll see it’s not about doctrine it’s09:16not about missionary work it’s not about09:19preaching that’s not about disciple09:21making you’re gonna see that it’s all09:22about a church exalting man and the09:27pursuits of man and then one final thing09:30by way of background the point of09:31interest regarding the load Laodicean09:34period that there’s a grave warning to09:39us theologically here out of the city09:41and sociologically and that is wherever09:45man’s pursuits09:48wherever man’s pursuits are held in high09:50esteem the focal point of man’s09:54existence then there is a great move to09:58answer to the cry of man when when man10:02wants something bad enough the pressure10:05of the society or of the culture is to10:07give man what he wants think of it it’s10:12important when man starts to say this is10:16what I want the push behind Laodicea is10:20this because it was driven by man’s10:23wisdom and man’s passion and yet it was10:26still called a church according to Jesus10:28it delivered whatever the community10:31whatever the political correctness was10:34it was a church that compromised10:36everything to be all things to all10:39people but not for Bible doctrine but to10:42be accepted by the world it was a10:44man-made Church as we shall see and it10:48was all about going around finding out10:51what kind of church do you want because10:54we want to bring it to you take this10:57poll check off the boxes what do you11:00want to see in a church let us know and11:04we’ll11:04take it for you it’s Laodicean and it’s11:08an affront to God as we shall see this11:12is the only church in the book of11:14Revelation that Jesus Christ has nothing11:16good to say about it I’m passionate11:20about this study I got to tell you these11:23last seven weeks every study I’ve done11:25bringing you this message to the letter11:27to the seven churches always had this11:28one in the back of my mind I knew where11:32we were going and it’s a dangerous thing11:35Jesus has nothing good to say about it11:37you say how could that be11:38just wait you know sad about it is that11:43it wasn’t possibly it wasn’t always the11:46case you got to remember Jesus wrote11:49this letter to them in 95 80 when it was11:56given to John what happened at Laodicea11:59before that time well the book of12:02Colossians chapter 2 verse 1 says Paul12:05the Apostle writes for I want you to12:07know that a great conflict I have for12:11those who are in Laodicea and as for12:13many as I have not seen my in the face12:16or in the flesh Paul is saying I have a12:19great conflict I love them I pray for12:22them i minister for them and not only12:24the church at Laodicea but for all of12:26those that I’ve not seen in the flesh12:28face to face again Colossians 4:13 says12:31for I bear witness that he has a great12:35zeal for you and those who are in12:38Laodicea and those in hierapolis you’re12:42going to want to remember those two12:44names Laodicea and hierapolis very very12:47important that you write that down we’re12:50gonna come back to it12:51Colossians chapter 4 verse 15 greet the12:55Brethren who are in Laodicea and nymph12:58as’ and the church that is in his house13:02Colossians 4:16 now when this epistle is13:06read among you see that it is read also13:09in the Church of the Laodiceans and that13:13you likewise read the Epistle from the13:17Laodiceans13:18so the church at Colossae was reading13:20their letter written to them and then13:22they sent that letter on on the road so13:24to speak and then the church that had13:27instructions Laodicea read it and then13:30they sent it on to colossi the whole13:33circuit of exchanging passing along the13:36message of God so here we go in our13:38study today church and I got to tell you13:40right now this would probably be a good13:41time for you to turn off the message and13:45go do something else if you don’t want13:48to get serious with God but if you want13:51to have the Holy Spirit speak to you I13:54have been begging him to bypass me and13:59to speak directly to you and where14:02you’re at so you remember the title14:05right my dear Laodicea I’ve written you14:08a letter and the first thing that we see14:11about the letter is this I’ve written14:13you a letter so why will you not listen14:15to me we write that down Jesus writes a14:18letter to the church at Laodicea and14:20he’s saying this he’s asking this why14:23don’t you listen to me why won’t you14:25listen verse 14 and to the angel of the14:29church at Laodicea to the pastor of the14:32church at Laodicea write these things14:33says the Amen the faithful the true14:36witness the beginning of the creation of14:38God this is awesome14:40this is almost too difficult for you and14:42I to wrap our mind around these factual14:45statements that Jesus is presenting here14:47it’s absolutely incredible what he says14:50Jesus is announcing to them will you14:52listen to me the Church of Laodicea hey14:57will you listen to me the Church of the14:5921st century15:00I am the Amen15:05I am the faithful I am the true witness15:09I am the beginning of the creation of15:12God all of these things the church at15:14Laodicea had left off from they left15:17believing it they stopped believing15:18these things they said once they started15:22as a church and we just saw four times15:23the Apostle Paul addressed them they15:26started off as a church but they don’t15:28end this way as a church Jesus15:31the assessment when we look at the words15:34here the statement the I am I need all15:37of you to pay close attention because15:38this is absolutely I can’t even think in15:41distress you how important this is when15:44he says to the Church of Laodicea that15:46he’s the Amen the word means this it’s a15:51declaration by Christ which is number15:53one theologically undeniable it’s the15:57claim of deity by Jesus himself and it15:59cannot be refuted Jesus uses the Amen16:05out of the book of Isaiah that is16:07reserved for Almighty God alone and you16:12want to know why that’s important16:14because if anyone 2,000 years ago would16:18have said that they were the Amen of God16:22they would be dead by sundown you would16:26have been stoned to death for committing16:29blasphemy16:29so a Jesus is committing blasphemy and16:34we need to run from him and avoid him at16:38all cost or he’s the one who he says he16:41is the Amen and the word Amen in Hebrew16:45means this is the truth let it be done16:47so it is it is a statement of that’s it16:54you know how you and I sing a song and16:57say Amen we say a prayer and say Amen16:59it’s the last statement of everything17:03when Jesus said I I’m the Amen it is the17:07grand exclamation point on the claim of17:12deity those of you who are involved in a17:14cult right now you’re squirming right17:16now because your cult leaders didn’t17:18tell you that Jesus is it he’s not one17:20of many he is it every cult every17:24aberrant doctrine departs at this point17:27a lot of them have similarities but not17:29here they don’t their similarities are17:35out there and able to be studied and17:39able to be looked at and maybe even17:41tolerated but at this point there’s a17:44breakpoint all17:45Colts agree Jesus cannot be the Amen and17:49Christianity declares Jesus is the only17:52Amen17:54why because Jesus says he’s the only17:57Amen and then he says that he’s the17:59faithful the faithful the church18:02believers at Laodicea were not faithful18:06they were not faithful by faithful he18:10means that he’s faithful to speak truth18:16faithful to do truth listen I don’t know18:20if this is something that we entertain18:23often but we must to speak truth or to18:26claim that you know truth or in this18:29case for Jesus to say that he is in fact18:31truth faithful it means to not only say18:35it18:35that’s only fifty percent of it the18:38other half is to do it18:39faithfulness is the declaration based on18:43activity faithfulness based on what I’ve18:46done faithfulness Jesus is the faithful18:50and what else he is the true witness see18:55all these things it’s as though watch18:57watch everybody it says the jesus walks19:00up in the courtroom and he’s submitting19:04evidence it would be something like this19:07yes I have been abandoned by this church19:09and here’s my indictment against the19:12church they do not recognize anymore19:15that I am the Amen they no longer adhere19:19to the fact that I am faithful and they19:22no longer embraced the fact that I am19:24the true witness of the things of God19:26they have rejected me and I want to put19:28that on the record that’s what he’s19:30doing but before heaven and hell Jesus19:34is saying this is the record and then19:40listen to this he says I am the19:42beginning of creation I’m gonna give you19:45a bunch of verses get ready to write19:46this down before I do remember this we19:49worship God as Christians we follow him19:53who is the uncreated creator19:59you know how people say well what20:01existed before God oh my dear friend you20:05have you need to raise your standard of20:07questioning we don’t worship a God that20:11was created we worship a God that’s20:13never been created he listened he’s the20:17uncreated creator and he’s the uncaused20:23cause nothing preempts him nothing is20:32prerequisite in other words his doctrine20:35and his very presence is prescient he’s20:42the beginning of creation this is who20:44Jesus Christ is you see Jack you sure20:46you got that right20:47you mean Jesus the beginning of creation20:48don’t you mean to say that Jesus is the20:50first one that was created by God no20:53that’s a cult view the Bible says in20:57John 1 verse 1 sorry I’m yelling I am so21:00excited about this I love you know what21:03if you take away the deity of Jesus21:05Christ then the Christian has nothing21:11but knowing the truth about this21:13I find myself yelling at you because not21:16at you I’m sorry I’m just so excited21:18about the God that has saved me and the21:21God that has been so good to me will21:23never change because he’s the eternal21:26God and his salvation that was wrought21:28at the cross and the guarantee of it21:30when he rose again from the dead I know21:33that more sure that I can trace21:35geologically my last name and if that21:38wasn’t true I’d quit this post today21:42listen to this John 1:1 in the beginning21:45was the word that is at the beginning of21:48the physical creation of the universe21:50what was the word was and the Word was21:54with God and the Word was God and in the21:57beginning with God that is of the21:58physical universe21:59the Word was with God verse 3 all things22:03were made or we get the word created22:06through him through who read it read it22:10carefully22:11logos the word and without the logos22:16nothing was made that was made22:20isn’t it romantic22:21God spoke the universe into existence22:24how did he do that he logos the world22:30into existence Genesis 1:1 was the work22:36of Jesus Christ according to the Bible22:39Old and New Testament argues this listen22:42this by the way powerful verse but it22:44might be the saddest verse in the Bible22:46I’m serious John 1:10 he was in the22:49world the world was made through him and22:51the world did not know him in that22:56horrible you ever been not recognized22:59for something you’ve done for your kids23:00or your grandkids there’s nothing you23:04don’t do it to get recognized but it is23:05nice it is sweet that somebody23:10recognized something that’s been done23:11for them and they turn and they say23:14thanks that’s awesome which by the way23:17is a great practice for us to always be23:20thankful and appreciative listen you and23:26I are living in an age where we are23:27guilty of making assumptions I do23:29believe we assume that if a building for23:32example this building here we assume23:37that if it has a sign out front Church23:39that it’s a church listen up everybody23:43how do you know the church you go to as23:46a church23:47how do you how can you possibly know23:49that well it’s this church on the23:51outside of it if you google churches23:55their address comes up that’s an23:59assumption that’s a human assumption24:01only Jesus can determine if it’s a24:05church or not and the Holy Spirit in the24:08life of the believer knows if they’re in24:10a church or not how do you know you’re24:13in a church does it exalt the Lord Jesus24:16Christ is he known for who he is or is24:20it a man-made Church driven by great24:24agenda24:25and wonderful programs and fantastic24:28topics and great series and and and24:33great graphics but down deep has it24:38departed from the doctrines of God24:40where’s Jesus and all of this look you24:43can have those things I’m not knocking24:45those things but if that’s the power24:48you’re leaning upon to bring to the24:50populace that look at us let me remind24:55you that the Bible said that when the24:57Kings came to worship Jesus they said24:59we’ve come to worship Him25:02not your sound system not the color of25:06the pews or the carpet he came into the25:10world he created the world but those he25:12came to did not even recognize them so25:15we can have a marquee that says church25:18we can have Church letterhead we can25:19have bulletins we can have the word25:21title Church it’s not a church until25:25Jesus says yes it is and I’m gonna25:28submit to you today that there’s a lot25:31of churches in America today that are25:32not churches at all and we’re gonna see25:35this today they’re not a church they25:37might have 501c3 status they might have25:40an address they might have a clergy they25:42might have a parking lot and Jesus might25:45say no what does your Bible believe25:49about who Jesus Christ is listen listen25:52who is Jesus Christ at your church25:57what does your church say about the26:01authority of the Bible is it the26:03inerrant Word of God or do you only26:06teach some parts of the Bible that’s26:09heretical you said was anything wrong26:13pastor we just teach certain parts26:15heretical why because you’re leaving out26:17the other counsel of God to teach part26:21of the truth is to promote a lie26:26you got to teach all the counsel of God26:29what does your church believe about the26:31Bible and then listen what does your26:32church do in light of the will of God in26:37other words is your church I am26:39a church where you acquire knowledge and26:41you don’t do anything about it come26:43Monday morning none of its in effect26:45it’s not governing your life I think26:49it’s safe to say that after this26:51coronavirus stuff people are done26:54playing Church I hope you are I think26:59people are gonna come back to church I27:00heard Fox News the other day Pete27:03hagseth on Fox News says I think there’s27:05going to be a great flooding of churches27:08in America people are gonna go for the27:10truth I think he’s right there’s many27:15that have departed I say that every week27:17since this has happened all but there’s27:19far more that have come on people are27:22looking for truth Colossians chapter 127:24verse 15 Colossians 1:15 regarding Jesus27:28does your church believe this he is the27:30image of the invisible God the firstborn27:32this word means preeminent one over all27:35creation it means that he was the27:37governor the architect the genesis of27:41creation it doesn’t mean that he was the27:44firstborn like a firstborn son in your27:47family and means that he is the one that27:50it came out from preeminence position27:53over all creation for by him all things27:56were created that are in heaven and that27:58are on earth visible and invisible28:00whether they be Thrones dominions28:03principalities or powers this is my28:05Jesus is he here Jesus all things were28:09created through him and for him and he28:12is before all things and he and in him28:16all things consist are held together28:18hebrews chapter 1 verse 1 hebrews 128:21verse 1 God who at various times and in28:24various ways spoke in times past by the28:26father’s to the prophets has in these28:28last days spoken to us by his son whom28:31he has appointed heir of all things28:34through whom also he made the world’s28:39Jesus is the cosmos maker who being the28:43brightness of his glory and the Express28:46image of his person you look at Jesus28:50you’re looking at God incarnate28:52awesome is that that Jesus at your28:55church is he that Jesus that governs the28:59leadership of your church is either29:01Jesus that has all authority over your29:03home and over your life Jesus here in29:10this great Proclamation announces his29:13undeniable Authority the overwhelming29:16fact that Jesus Christ is the Almighty29:18God revealed in human flesh now29:21glorified is without denial unless you29:26reject he’s made it so clear he’s not29:29playing games he has revealed himself to29:32all of mankind and every one of us we29:34have access to a Bible which everybody29:36does in the world you need to read that29:38and then you make a decision but don’t29:40let anyone come along and say he’s not29:43God he’s not the Almighty because that’s29:48what the cults of 2,000 years ago we’re29:52all about and that’s what they’re about29:54today they all agree on this one thing29:56Jesus is not God29:59Mormonism they dilute the fact by making30:03everybody God and I say that lovingly to30:06my Mormon friends they’re beautiful30:08people but their doctrine is wrong there30:12is one God one creator and there’s no30:15other gods there’ll be no other gods and30:16men cannot engineer or make a God out of30:19himself that doctrine failed in the30:22Garden of Eden and it fails today30:24Jehovah Witnesses they’ve redefined30:27Jesus has been a very elaborate angel in30:31fact Jehovah Witnesses tell us that is30:33he goes by another name also in the30:35Bible by the name of Michael Jesus is30:38not an angel the Bible just said here a30:41moment ago in Colossians he’s the30:42creator of angels revelation chapter 130:46verse 8 revelation 1:8 the Bible says30:49and as this is Jesus at your church I am30:52the Alpha and the Omega okay that’s30:55that’s the label of God the God of the30:57Old Testament is the Alpha in the Omega30:59he’s the beginning in the end that’s31:02that’s the God of the Bible31:05says the Lord who is who was who is to31:08come the Almighty friends go searchin31:13see whoever the Alpha the Omega is he’s31:16the beginning in the end whoever he is31:19he is the Lord whoever he is he’s the31:22one who was who is who is to come and31:25whoever he is he is the Almighty you31:28can’t have two you can’t have ten you31:32can only have one that’s not my opinion31:35that is Bible doctrine revelation 4:831:38the four living creatures each having31:41six wings full of eyes around and within31:43they do not rest there now it’s day or31:46night saying holy holy holy Lord God31:51Almighty who was who is who is to come31:57this is the God of the Bible this is who32:00Jesus Christ is32:01revelation 11 17 I saw the hosts of32:05heaven saying we give you thanks O Lord32:08God Almighty the one who is and who was32:13and who is to come do you see that is32:15that the Jesus of your church if that’s32:19not the Jesus of your church you don’t32:21have a church you only have a church in32:24title only it’s not a church it’s not a32:29church may be called a church not a32:31church revelation 21 22 john when he32:37looked at heaven he said he saw no32:40temple in heaven for the Lord God32:42Almighty and the lamb are its temple32:48first Timothy 3:16 this is one of the32:51most graphic verses you’ll ever read in32:53the Bible it is shockingly awesome first32:56Timothy 3:16 for without controversy32:58without debate without the ability to33:02deny or refute great is the mystery of33:06godliness what is it33:08God was manifested in the flesh is that33:12your Jesus that’s my Jesus justified in33:16the spirit went to the cross33:20lived a perfect life seen by angels33:24that’s a reference to his incarnation33:28his birth preached among the Gentiles33:32that’s even happening right now33:34Bella believed on in the world33:37moment-by-moment evangelism around the33:39world received up into glory question33:43where’s Jesus now the Bible says he’s at33:48the right hand of God the Father right33:50now number 2 in our study today church33:52number 2 in our study today’s this33:56verses 15 to 16 is my dear Laodicea I’ve33:59written you a letter so why will you not34:01honor me you won’t listen and that goes34:08to34:08then you won’t honor me he says in verse34:1215 I know your works that you’re neither34:15cold nor hot I wish you were cold or34:17HUD’s34:17so then because you are lukewarm or34:20neither cold nor hot I will vomit you34:22out of my mouth wow this is graphic34:25write the word cold the word cold here34:29in the Greek language means absolutely34:32ice cold but you might find interesting34:37is that it is a cold not that is not the34:41type of cold that’s being condemned this34:45is the kind of cold that refreshes now34:48maybe there’s some clarity for you now I34:51want you to look at this and I want you34:53to think there’s this is this is the34:55region of Turkey I told you before that34:58in fact that image you’re looking at34:59right now I kid you not some of you who35:03live locally here you’re probably35:05thinking wait a minute you’re standing35:08in Chino Hills and you are looking35:11toward the San Gabriel Mountains or35:13you’re looking toward the san bernardino35:20mountain range but I’m not that35:25photograph is taken while standing in35:27Laodicea and you see those great35:29mountains that are there they’re just35:31like our mountains35:32right here that are so close to us35:35same-same topography same geological35:39look but mark this down a few ways see35:42those mountains they get great snow and35:44that snow melts and that snow goes down35:47deep into the rock of that mountain and35:51it comes and flows out of the base of35:53that mountain into a series of35:57tributaries that flows into the Lycus35:59River and the water that comes out of36:02the base of that mountain is ice36:04ice-cold but also you’ll see on the36:09screen hot pools hot water beautiful36:16boiling hot mineral pools Jesus said I36:20wish you were cold or I wish you were36:22hot the cold waters based there at the36:26mountains flows out of colossi it makes36:30its way towards Laodicea but the hot36:32water flows out of the region of36:34Hierapolis by the way see those pools36:37that’s a modern-day photograph of those36:38pools today you can go to Turkey and36:41many people do and they go into those36:43pools and it’s quite a tourist gathering36:46and it’s quite a healthy experience the36:49word hot here in Greek is éstos and it36:51means boiling water the hot water flows36:57out from hierapolis the ice-cold water36:59flows out of colossi and the tributaries37:02lead down into the Lycus Valley and they37:05come together and then the next city37:07that is downstream as a city called37:09Laodicea and Jesus is saying this you37:15could have been cold water and refreshed37:17me I would have loved it if you could37:18have been a refreshment to me like37:20colossi is a refreshment to me and in a37:24hot day I can scoop up ice-cold water37:26that comes out of the base of the37:28mountain and it’s so refreshing I wish37:30you were cold37:32that you would refresh me Jesus says if37:37you’re not going to be cold I oh I wish37:39you were hot like the hot waters of37:42Hierapolis that are so medicinal and37:45so healing and just soak in it and all37:48of those minerals and all of that warmth37:52to the bone brings healing oh I wish you37:54were hot but you’re none of those things37:58you’re neither one of those things he38:01says you’re lukewarm the Luke the word38:04lukewarm means to become warm38:11Tippett the word also implies without38:16movement without effect without purpose38:22ice-cold water refreshing hot water38:26comforting they both come together and38:30they both cancel out each other and38:34that’s where Laodicea is you couldn’t38:39drink the water from the river in fact I38:43can’t even pronounce the term the people38:46of that day would sip the water at38:52Laodicea to induce vomiting if you were38:55sick if you were not just you would38:57sipped the water in the river and you39:00would throw up you would vomit and you39:04would have to be very careful because39:05you only have to take a little bit of it39:08and there would be a reaction and by the39:09way that very word is a word that is39:12used today in the treatment for some39:15reasons some cause where they need to39:19induce vomiting part of the inducing of39:23vomiting is that same chemical that’s39:25found in that mixture of the two at39:28Laodicea is that fascinating Jesus said39:31I wish you were hot I wish you were cold39:33but because you’re neither one you make39:34me want to puke39:35you make me want to vomit can you39:37imagine him speaking to a church you39:39make me sick you make me want to throw39:43up and the word vomit if you think I’m39:45making this up the word vomit is where39:47we get the thought of projectile39:49vomiting this is not in fact the King39:52James Version of your Bible says Jesus39:54says I will spew you out of my39:58doesn’t that sound nice that’s King40:00James it’s proper English it’s just oh I40:03don’t feel good oh I don’t know about40:06you maybe women’s spiel40:09it sounds so polite excuse me I need to40:11go spiel men don’t spiel men vomit or40:16men puke he said Jack I don’t like the40:19way you’re talking it’s too bad40:20imagine what Jesus is saying it means40:23you make me so sick in your carnality40:26and you make me so sick in the way that40:28you are I can’t even drink you for40:31refreshment and I can’t even soak in you40:33for healing you have come together in a40:37place where you’ve left off both of40:40those realities and you’ve become40:42ineffective40:43you’ve become irrelevant and you don’t40:47make a difference and it all comes about40:50because you have denied the deity of Who40:54I am you have compromised my authority40:57in your church you have compromised why40:59my word you’ve made excuses for your41:01actions you still hung on to the Bible41:03you still call yourself a church but the41:05reality is I’m not there out of all the41:10seven letters to the seven churches six41:12of them are churches this one is a show41:14it’s fake it’s not a church I find it41:21fascinating by the way in physics for41:24something to be hot it has to have a41:25source of heat has to if something’s41:30cold did you know that it can only41:31remain cold if it has a source of energy41:34yeah there’s a there there is an there41:37is a negative energy for the you know41:41it’s amazing because the power to the41:44power of the atmosphere to get the air41:46down to 32 degrees kelvin is insane41:50power amazing power you never think41:54about the idea but lukewarm requires41:58nothing that which is cold without a42:04source eventually becomes lukewarm42:06that which is hot without a source42:09eventually becomes the worm42:13doesn’t have to be but it happens that42:16way thirdly in our study right now42:18number three is verse 17 the Bible tells42:21us here as we learned verse 17 my dear42:24Laodicea I’ve written you a letter so42:26why will you not recognize me why will42:29you not recognize me notice the42:31progression in this you’ve got Jesus42:34Christ issuing the fact that you don’t42:35listen to me and because you don’t42:37listen to me you don’t honor me and42:39because you don’t honor me you won’t you42:41don’t even recognize me because you say42:44I’m rich notice what they say about42:46themselves they say about this is their42:49self-assessment as a church we’re rich42:51man look look around we’re rich we’ve42:56become wealthy we have need of nothing43:02did you know why that was said by the43:04way and 60 ad 60 ad massive earthquake43:08hit the area of Laodicea devastated it43:12do you know what Laodicea refused to ask43:16Rome and the Empire for financial43:19assistance in its rebuilding43:21do you know what they did they’d43:22literally published a statement to the43:25Rome to the Roman Empire into Rome43:28itself and they said we listen we have43:32all that we need43:35we Caesar have need of nothing they were43:40so proud in their resources they they43:43showed Rome we can do it ourselves this43:47was written in 95 ad that is the letter43:49to the seven churches and Jesus picks up43:51on a very famous saying that came out of43:54the 60 80 earthquake he turns right on43:57them in instant relevance he turns to44:00them and says you say that you have need44:02of nothing and imagine they would have44:04went home we did say that to the Roman44:08Empire we’re so proud about not needing44:10anything of course they didn’t gasp they44:14didn’t care because they didn’t44:16recognize his authority anymore44:17if you were to stop them friends and say44:20ask them hey do you believe in Jesus you44:22know if their answer would be absolutely44:24do you believe in the Bible yep do you44:27believe yep yep yep and then here’s44:31what’s implied I kid you not44:32are you listening this is what’s implied44:38they knew theologically had answer but44:45how they lived was different than what44:48the Word of God said they knew it they44:53did it anyway44:54oh Jesus is Lord but was he he wasn’t to45:05them their values failed mark that down45:08their values evaporated you say you’re45:12rich you say that you’re wealthy you say45:14that you have need of nothing do you not45:16know Jesus says listen to him this is45:19God speaking to a church is God speaking45:23to you right now jesus said your45:29wretched your miserable you are poor and45:34you are blind and you are naked if you45:38know of a church that has a building or45:42a sign and Jesus Christ is not the45:46authority the head of the church is45:50Christ but is your church headless has45:56your church been beheaded from the45:58authority of Jesus is it just a body46:00flopping around and men have gotten to46:03the top and taken the place of the head46:05and they’re pulling the strings and46:07blowing the the horns and pressing the46:09buttons and it’s become a totally self46:12man driven Church we will decide this we46:16will decide the other I got to tell you46:18personally right now all of this debate46:23and question about when to open the46:25church and when not to open the church I46:27got to tell you something right now46:28I complied with the request of the46:30president I I complied with the request46:33of the governor and all along the way I46:36had a check in my gut46:38I made them I don’t know if it was the46:44right thing I don’t know if this whole46:51thing was it some sort of a satanic46:53attack on the world now we hear about46:56the corona virus being something that is46:59so now low on the list for causing death47:02literally47:04isn’t it funny now that what’s happening47:10using it as an argument of how much47:14control now the world wants in your life47:17people are even talking about if you47:19don’t have certain documents now or47:24certain things now you won’t be able to47:27get on an airplane you won’t be able to47:29get a passport you won’t be able to go47:30to certain places47:34it sounds like an endtime event to me47:38I’m sure I’m blowing some of your minds47:40but you need to go look at the new data47:42now that has come out of great47:46institutions since January first you47:51know what has exceeded the death toll of47:54coronavirus in california suicide just48:00this last week suicide up over 300%48:05suicide people calling hotlines48:09depression suicide hotlines up 70048:15percent in America I think Satan48:17launched an attack God’s gonna use it48:19God may not have caused it but God’s48:22gonna use it it’s time to wake up the48:24church is transcendent but this stuff48:28about the church being essential or48:29non-essential that’s an embarrassment48:31that church is not a business it’s not48:33an entity of this world the church is48:36transcendent it’s the ground in pillar48:38of all truth the church belongs to48:42Christ it doesn’t belong to America and48:44that doesn’t belong to California it48:47belongs to Jesus Christ and we as its48:51managers be48:52Shepherd’s being angels to the church at48:56fill in the blank we had better be48:58careful what we decide about his church49:02has eternal consequences we need to49:05recognize him in the midst of the corona49:07virus and the perverse movement to try49:15to think and hint to the ignorant of49:18this nation oh we have to suspend the49:20First Amendment because of this virus do49:22you understand that is insane49:24that is the tipping point for49:26lawlessness the First Amendment of the49:29Constitution of the United States of49:30America was designed for times like this49:33not to jump away from it or to deny it49:37how much more the Word of God Jesus says49:42to this church can you imagine him he49:44would never tell a church of his can you49:47imagine Jesus saying to his own church49:50your wretched miserable poor blind and49:53naked49:54he would never he’s speaking to an49:59institutionalized thing that inside of50:03it we’ll see in a moment there may be a50:06solar – that can be saved he’s talking50:09to an unconverted church he’s talking to50:11unconverted leadership he’s talking to50:13an unconverted entity and Jesus says50:20you’re absolutely bankrupt I want to50:25read something to you I quote they had50:30become proud of their own church they50:33were delighted in their own opinion of50:35themselves they would be the kind of50:39church that would say look what we’ve50:42done we’ve achieved this by our superior50:48approach to ministry and by the latest50:51and greatest techniques let’s remember50:56everyone this author wrote that these50:58cameras that we use in our day in the51:0121st century the computers the chairs51:04the51:04means they have no anointing there’s no51:08power in social media and its platform51:11or in the color of your church’s carpet51:14there is no special dispensation to some51:17men or women who have a name for51:21themselves in the family of God that in51:26fact that is the antithesis to what and51:30who Jesus Christ is all about close51:33quote51:34the church at Laodicea had drifted from51:37their initial calling and they ceased51:40from being a church a what are many51:41churches in America today have just51:42stopped being a church they don’t even51:44know it but Jesus isn’t there it’s51:54terrifying how prone we are to our own51:55propaganda isn’t it it’s a sad day when51:59we begin to believe our own press52:01release it’s self deception it’s self52:03delusion52:04and James excuse me in Galatians 652:08Galatians 6 verse 7 the Bible says do52:10not be deceived God is not mocked52:12whatever a man sows that shall he also52:14reap that’s a that’s a truth and a52:18reality I know this is tough stuff this52:20has to be if I backed away from the52:24intensity of this message I’d I’d have52:26to just go hide my head this is Jesus52:28telling to church they’re not only not52:30saved they’re not even a church but see52:34you know what you and I we see the word52:36Church and we want to include them in52:37with the rest and some people have gone52:38to so much length looking at the church52:41at Laodicea and they asked the question52:42do you think these people are on the52:44brink of losing their salvation or did52:46they lose their salvation that question52:49doesn’t apply to the context they’re not52:53even a saved church and they have sown52:58and now Jesus assesses them and they’re53:03reaping James chapter 1 verse 22 I know53:07this is tough can you imagine I’m just a53:09mere bozo mortal can you imagine when53:12Jesus assesses us and Jesus looks at53:15this church where I pastor or the church53:17that you go to53:18and he’s constantly speaking and the53:22only way that we can keep our church53:24from going astray is to stay in the word53:27and to be humble and broken before the53:29word and let it go up and down that’s53:32like a laser analyzing us but God help53:35us on the day that we in our staff53:38meetings and board meetings come to this53:40place that we don’t need to see God53:42anymore we got enough money to do it all53:44the old American way throw money at it53:48we’ll pull it off and you know what God53:51will let you do it when something gets53:56institutionalized it’s probably be that54:00by that time it’s probably already dead54:06this message is being preached to me to54:08you to this church and beyond God help54:12us at this church this church I’m happy54:15to tell you right now to the best of my54:16ability the assessment is this the last54:18time I checked with Jesus which was54:20about an hour and a half ago but I’m54:22trusting them to be here with me now is54:25that this church lives from hand to54:27mouth did you know that well you have54:32nice chairs54:33they’re not anointed well the nice54:36screen not anointed nice sound system54:39not anointed are we dependent upon him54:48James 1:22 says be doers of the word not54:51hearers only deceiving yourselves for if54:53anyone is a hearer of the word and not a54:56doer I go to church doesn’t matter what54:58are you doing he’s like a man observing55:00his natural face in a mirror for he55:04observes himself goes away and55:06immediately forgets what kind of man he55:08was55:08oh my goodness that’s so graphic is it55:12not strong words you do understand right55:19that Jesus is not condemning the wealthy55:21there are those who love God that are55:23rich is that nothing to do with monetary55:25things it has to do with where you’ve55:27placed your trust if you’re wealthy55:31watching this55:31program don’t think that this is to beat55:34you up no do you love God with all of55:35your heart and in is God using you like55:38the poor man to channel whatever you55:40have to God’s glory god bless you55:42but when you step back and say I don’t55:45need to hear this I’m rich hey I’m too55:48honey turn that off that really bothers55:51me I just want to hear only good news I55:56just want to hear only fun stuff we’ve56:00come to a dangerous point number four56:03found in verse 1856:05dear Laodicea I’ve written you a letter56:07so why will you not receive from me why56:09would you receive from me Jesus is56:12saying I counsel you to buy from me gold56:15refined in the fire that you may be rich56:21listen to this this isn’t one of the56:23biggest displays of Mercy to an56:26unbelieving group of religionist that56:29you’ll ever read and white garments that56:32you may be clothed that the shame of56:34your nakedness may not be revealed56:36notice they’re naked and anoint your56:38eyes all Wow in Laodicea medicine they56:42were world-famous for exporting a salve56:45they actually made tablets they had56:48little things the shape of a tablet they56:50took the soil and they took the56:52chemicals that are in the the ground in56:55that part of the world and they mixed it56:57up into this pill form they let it dry56:59like a tablet not a capsule a tablet and57:02they would ship it off and then you57:03would grind the tablet once you’ve got57:05it in your mail and you would put water57:08on it and you’d put it on your eyes and57:10it was famously known to help take away57:12infection and increase your ability to57:16heal up in your eyes so that you can see57:18again Jesus says notice how no notice57:22how relevant is you need to get I owe a57:26mint from me yours doesn’t work oh and57:30nakedness Laodicea was famous for57:33incredibly shiny looks plastic by the57:36way black wool that came from sheep of57:40the region and when that wool is put57:42together it’s so shiny black it looks57:44like it’s plastic57:45it’s super valuable Jesus says you need57:50what these look you need not just a57:53garment you need a white garment57:59contrast58:06you need to Reese receive from me he’s58:08saying in revelation 22 verse 17 in58:13revelation 17 22 17 the Bible says there58:16and the spirit and the bride say come58:19and let him who hears say come and let58:22him who thirst come whoever desires let58:26him take the water of life freely it58:32means without money right here Jesus58:35said come to me and buy gold refined in58:38the fire he’s not saying lear financial58:42right or call now and get this ounce of58:46gold you know blah blah blah buy gold58:49buy gold James warns people and says and58:52the last days right before Christ58:54returns people are going to be peddling58:57gold right before the end comes and the59:00Bible warns that your gold will turn59:02into rot and it will not save you why59:05because you were rich only in monetary59:07things not eat not eternal things Jesus59:10when he says buy from me gold that’s59:12refined in the fire he’s not talking59:13about metal he’s talking about listen59:16buy from me a life that’s been refined59:21in the fire what do you mean by oh it’s59:23free it’s free here’s what it means come59:26and take it with the economy the59:29transaction come with the currency of59:32eternity not money you come to me what59:36buys listen what buys salvation faith59:39towards God repentance of sin Jesus is59:43Lord he’s the Alpha the Omega that began59:48in the end the first and the last the59:49one who was who is who is to come the59:51Almighty that’s who he is that’s how you59:53buy gold refined in the fire Jesus has59:57come to me and he says that your shame59:59of your nakedness will not be revealed60:05remarkable finally I got an I’m at a60:07time60:09five found in verses 19 to 22 My dear60:13laod to see I’ve written you a letter so60:15why will you not answer me why will you60:18not answer60:20as many as I love I rebuke and chasten60:23listen therefore be zealous and repent60:25Wow verse 19 listen if you’re right now60:29watching because somebody has made you60:30watch this sermon this preaching from60:33the Bible from the Word of God not from60:35Jack’s mouth or from this church or from60:37this website or from this channel if you60:40are a little hearing right now verse 1960:42from Almighty God you’re gonna have one60:46of two responses right now you are60:47either thinking shut up and get off this60:52broadcast or you’re saying what do I do60:58what in the world am I supposed to do61:01put your put your initials next to verse61:0519 listen to this and I want to show you61:09this picture should freaky freak you out61:10this is an old picture from ancient61:13Greece but verse 20 we all know this61:17behold can you imagine it’s a shout61:19behold behold I stand at the door knocks61:25as Jesus if anyone I want to go like61:29this if anyone hears my voice and opens61:39the door he shouted in a church notice61:44he’s on the outside shouting at it if61:46anybody will open the door the famous61:50painting shows a door with no handle it61:53shows a door with no knob the door has61:56to be open from the inside this church61:58is so shut up it’s so exclusive it’s so62:02right in its own eyes it’s so the church62:06in their mind they’re so messed up have62:10you ever had somebody leave the leave62:12the verse leave the picture have you62:15ever had a ministry or a pastor makes me62:18sick it makes me want to throw up when62:20you hear a pastor say well at my church62:24this is what we excuse me whose church62:28well wait what you uh you’re you’re no62:32longer going to62:33and my church what’s happened oh my dear62:40friend you’re going to another Church oh62:43how could this be you know it come down62:48from your tower that is so fair cynical62:52and is exactly Laodicean it sucks62:56your church is so amazing that it’s got62:59a doorknob only on the inside not on the63:02outside we are a group of super Saints63:07guess where Jesus is he’s not even in it63:16answer please63:19anyone if you open the door I will come63:25in and have dinner with you dine sup63:30food and he with me speaking about the63:33word to him overcomes I will grant to63:37sit with me on my Father’s throne listen63:39this is an evangelistic right I also63:43have overcome Oh sat down to my father’s63:44throne he a verse 22 he who has an ear63:47let him hear what the Spirit says to the63:50churches so I want to ask you this63:55question does your church does your64:00church bow to the deity of Jesus Christ64:01does your church does the Bible in your64:04church you do understand when I say64:06church I’m also talking about your64:07church where you’re at and your life64:09that you have is this book the absolute64:14dictate of your actions is this the64:17answer this book the Bible is this the64:22sovereign over your life is this what64:27you consult before you making decisions64:29is this what you must read when you wake64:32up and or before you go to bed you must64:34eat of this word is this it or is this a64:38recreational use item do you bring this64:40out like you bring out your CD do you64:43bring this out like you bring out your64:44snow skis or your surfboard64:48or is this word eternal governing over64:52your life and it has the final say our64:57nation is in a great struggle right now65:01it’s completely winnable if if our65:07nation as a government goes back to the65:09Constitution that our founders gave us65:11all will be well65:12but there’s enemies of that Constitution65:15many of them are in power I find it65:21interesting that they constantly seek65:23control of the populace they won’t let65:27go what about the church there is the65:34Bible the Word of God and in a church65:39that love Jesus this word is the65:41absolute final authority and to the best65:44of their flesh abilities because we all65:47struggle with our flesh we do all that65:50we can according to this word and we’re65:51constantly open to our failures Lord65:54show me where I’ve done wrong show me65:56where I’m messing up show me if any of65:58the theology if I’ve got it wrong with66:01my wife with my kids with my mom with my66:04dad show me where I’ve got it wrong Oh66:07God teach me for out of my word comes66:09forth life or there’s the church that66:18says in action well that’s what the66:23Bible says but that was then and we have66:29read to find what love means because66:33we’re more refined now we’ve even66:38created the definition of those old66:40words we’ve renewed the definitions we66:42have reconstructed them redefined them66:46of what marriage is we have now66:53discovered things like66:58there’s as many genders as you want to67:01have so we just cut Genesis right out of67:04the Bible and Matthew five and six and67:07seven and are you hearing me I don’t67:08like what you’re saying it doesn’t67:10matter if you like what I’m saying what67:11i’m telling you is truth this church was67:16lost it had a title of a church jesus67:20wasn’t even in it don’t be that kind of67:25a church if you are in that kind of a67:30church get out now before sundown run67:34for your life67:35flee that city of destruction flee that67:40church of destruction so well pastor my67:43church doesn’t believe in the deity of67:44Christ but I’m gonna turn it around I’m67:47gonna hang in there and run well they67:50have a great they have a great picnic67:52program they have a great bingo club67:54they got a fantastic youth Brun run to67:58Jesus run to Jesus thanks for watching68:01the real life YouTube channel we love68:04bringing you content that will help you68:06grow in your relationship with Jesus68:08Christ you can subscribe to this channel68:10so that you don’t miss one single video68:13or live stream and you can share it with68:16friends and family if you’d like to68:18support this ministry by helping us68:20reach others by taking the gospel and68:23the teaching around the world you can do68:25so by clicking the give Now button so68:27thanks again for watching and God bless68:30[Music]

Irreducible Elements of the Gospel

The gospel is the great nonnegotiable of Christian truth. We aren’t allowed to add to, subtract from, embellish, or rejigger the sacred message of how sinful men can be reconciled to a holy God.

That’s why the apostle Paul reserved his sternest warning for anyone who would dare to mess with the message: “If any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed” (Galatians 1:9).

The preacher is left with one option when it comes to faithful gospel proclamation—and it’s not an elusive option reserved for scholars. Paul expected his audience to be able to clearly differentiate between the one true gospel and all the other pretenders. It is an expectation implicitly placed upon all believers. With that in mind, we recently asked John MacArthur to identify and explain the essential truths of saving faith—the irreducible elements of the gospel.

Our destinies hinge on the unshakable nature of those truths. Any variation in just one of them and the hope of eternal life completely collapses.  

If you present a different god than the God of Scripture, you are effectively calling people to idolatry. If you preach another Christ you do not have the Lord; you have a liar or a lunatic. If salvation by grace through faith alone is corrupted with even the smallest amount of works-righteousness, “Christ will be of no benefit to you” (Galatians 5:2). If we don’t repent from our former sinful ways, we will perish (Luke 13:3,5).

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