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Trump defense attorney on why the impeachment trial is unconstitutional

Don Jr responds to today’s impeachment trial.

Trump’s impeachment team argues case is unconstitutional, falsely says there’s ‘insufficient evidence’ about his election claims

Former President Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers argued in a 14-page brief filed Tuesday that putting Trump on trial after he’s left office is unconstitutional and that his controversial speech before the January 6 Capitol riot is protected under the First Amendment. 

Trump’s attorneys, Bruce L. Castor Jr. and David Schoen, said in the brief that it’s “moot” to try and convict Trump for incitement of insurrection “because the Senate lacks jurisdiction to remove from office a man who does not hold office.”

It is interesting that nearly every democrat encouraged, supported even the sitting Vice President Harris, bailed out criminals who destroyed our cities.

This is a message to America, that the elites are in charge. We are heading to very very very dangerous times. We are moving towards Nazi Germany, here is America. Where the current government desires to make war with the America People. I

If you’re a Christian who believes in Pro Life, Same Sex Marriages, going to church, they’re coming for you. They’re not shy about their efforts. Please open your ears and take the information you hear on the news as serious. This is very concerning.

If you have yet to ask Jesus the Lord of your life, make that day today.

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