Woke Churches Requiring ‘The Vaccine Passport’

"Woke" Churches across the United States are requiring church members to get the vaccine and telling church members who are unvaccinated that they are...

President Joe Biden says this continues to be a pandemic caused by the unvaccinated. He wants to vaccinate the kids!

President Joe Biden continues to push the vaccination poisons in a recent video address. Biden continues to spread misinformation by stating that this continues...

Holocaust museum requiring vaccine papers from ages five and up!

Illinois Holocaust Museum To Require Vaccination Proof The holocaust museum is demanding your papers for entrance is the perfect way to explain to someone the...


The spike protein IS the toxin" - Dr. Ryan Cole, MD Companion webpage to this video here, sources and further information:…

JD Farag Bible Prophecy Update – August 22nd, 2021

Pastor JD explains why it is that we as Christians should never worry about our Heavenly Father providing that which we have need of, despite the fear of losing one’s livelihood.

[LIVE EXCLUSIVE]: Pamela Acker, The Jab Vaccination Warning : Pamela Acker, author of "Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective" Joins RTF! Interview with Biologist Pamela Acker You asked, we answered: Do the COVID-19 vaccines contain aborted...

Medical Doctor Issues URGENT Message to Baylor Healthcare Workers, Warns Against Jab

Dr. Ben Edwards, MD defends Dr. Peter McCullough, lashes out at Baylor Scott & White, issues a warning about inoculations and encourages healthcare workers in this extremely candid interview with Stew Peters.

Ron DeSantis Issues Scorching Rebuttal to Biden’s “Vaccine Passport” Plan

Gov. DeSantis is not about to let his constituents be ruled by Joe Biden's decree.

JD Farag Prophecy Update 3/28/2021 | Sitting On The Fence

Pastor JD addresses the problem of those who don’t know who or what to believe with all the differing opinions.

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