The New World Order Has Arrived | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

In this week's Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes, we look at how the groundwork is being laid for a global New World Order.

LIVE: California Election Recall Election Results | Charlie Kirk

Charlie is LIVE as results ROLL IN from the California Recall election that will decide the fate of Gavin Newsom's future. He's joined by Ambassador Ric Grenell, Jack Posobiec, Benny Johnson, Alex Marlow, Producer Andrew, Austin Smith - Chairman of Turning Point Action, and many more leading voices in the conservative movement.

“The Coming Great Catastrophe” with Tom Hughes

"The Coming Great Catastrophe" with Tom Hughes

Bible Prophecy Update – September 12th, 2021

Pastor JD talks about how everything that’s happening in the world today, is meant for evil, “but God,” is meaning it for good and for people’s salvation.

Freedom Night In America | Jack Hibbs & Charlie Kirk

Jack Hibbs & Charlie Kirk

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees | Prophecy Update

JD FARAG PROPHECY UPDATE 9/5/2021 Bible Prophecy Update – September 5, 2021Update Links“NEW” MOBILE APPS/TV - "The Ten Stages of Genocide" Prophecy Update Video:“You’ll...

Amir Tsarfati: The Days of Ezekiel

As we look at this world, it seems that much of it is falling apart. However, sometimes the bad times are not as bad as we think they are. We simply need a biblical perspective. That is the viewpoint that Amir Tsarfati provides in his teaching, The Days of Ezekiel. What looks like global insanity actually fits exactly into what was prophesied 2500 years ago. The miraculous restorations of the land and the people of Israel tell us that the time of the Lord’s return is likely short. It also reminds us that in the midst of what appears to be a world run amuck, God is working out His plan.

Bible Prophecy Update – August 29th, 2021

Pastor JD talks about how we can strengthen ourselves in the Lord as we face the perilous days ahead.

JD Farag Bible Prophecy Update – August 22nd, 2021

Pastor JD explains why it is that we as Christians should never worry about our Heavenly Father providing that which we have need of, despite the fear of losing one’s livelihood.

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