Bill Gates Deleted Documentary: “Why He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines”

A hard hitting documentary on the real agenda Bill Gates is pushing on the global population.'

A hard hitting documentary on the real agenda Bill Gates is pushing on the global population.

Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Why he switched from Microsoft to vaccines

– Unmasked by the Justice Department in exclusionary practices designed to maintain monopoly in personal computer operating systems.
– Campaign to change his image from ruthless tech monopolizer to the worlds most generous philanthropist and start of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation branding vaccines to the poor parts of the world.
– Vaccine investments bring a 20 to 1 return: 10 Billion -> 200 Billion Dollars.
– Multi National corporation (Seatle – Africa Asia)
– Is the worlds biggest private philanthropy causing harm?
Investments in 69 of the worst polluting companies, forcing people to lose homes, supporting child labour, fraude and neglecting patients…
– WHO sponsor / donor
– The new normal until a vaccine is developed
– Reagan shielded vaccine makers for any liability making wrong products.
– The US citizens pay for all damages
– 2009 HPV vaccines in India causing seizures, cancer and death; no insurance no assistance for the victims.
– Gates Foundation denied it did not do clinical trials on the vaccines.
– India created a taskforce that kicked the Gates foundation out of the country in 2015.
– Now they are back doing the old tricks again.
– Manipulation through public media in India including politicians and Bollywood
– Genetically modified organisms in vaccines and shooting them right in the vein.
The vaccines caused paralyzing 640.000 Indian children, at least 496.000 above normal (2012).
– Fact checkers rushed in to bury this story
(Therefor search the NIH website (national Library of Medicine)
– Through Gavi vaccine Alliance Bill Gates is sued by the poorest countries in the world for seriously harming vaccination programs.
– Africa is used as lab rats by the foundation
– Kissinger and Carter wanted to shrink the populations so they do not use the resources of their land for themselves.
– African population control
World population control
– How can you believe big pharma but not the parents when they tell that their children have been injured by big pharma?
– Mutant stains of polio vaccine now cause more paralysis than wild polio!
– Bill Gates key financer of the Stratospheric controlled
perturbation experiment

Irreducible Elements of the Gospel

The gospel is the great nonnegotiable of Christian truth. We aren’t allowed to add to, subtract from, embellish, or rejigger the sacred message of how sinful men can be reconciled to a holy God.

That’s why the apostle Paul reserved his sternest warning for anyone who would dare to mess with the message: “If any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed” (Galatians 1:9).

The preacher is left with one option when it comes to faithful gospel proclamation—and it’s not an elusive option reserved for scholars. Paul expected his audience to be able to clearly differentiate between the one true gospel and all the other pretenders. It is an expectation implicitly placed upon all believers. With that in mind, we recently asked John MacArthur to identify and explain the essential truths of saving faith—the irreducible elements of the gospel.

Our destinies hinge on the unshakable nature of those truths. Any variation in just one of them and the hope of eternal life completely collapses.  

If you present a different god than the God of Scripture, you are effectively calling people to idolatry. If you preach another Christ you do not have the Lord; you have a liar or a lunatic. If salvation by grace through faith alone is corrupted with even the smallest amount of works-righteousness, “Christ will be of no benefit to you” (Galatians 5:2). If we don’t repent from our former sinful ways, we will perish (Luke 13:3,5).

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