Biden Says 2nd Amendment Is NO MATCH for His Executive Orders

Is there anything he WON'T do with his executive orders? And Instagram announces that it will monitor private messages for "hate speech."

Joe Biden says that he won’t rule out using executive orders to take your Second Amendment rights away. Welcome to the new America, where special internet, lobbiest, and elites wish to control you.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you have noticed the national guard is still present in Washington DC. This is a form of communism to control the people. They know they need to remove guns, and label gun owners and being unfit to carry a firearm. They will have an uphill battle with each individual state agreeing with their new utopia. This is alarming and should raise eyebrows to everyone who wishes to live in a free society.

Is there anything he WON’T do with his executive orders? And Instagram announces that it will monitor private messages for “hate speech.”

Meanwhile, a congresswoman from California calls for a “truth commission” to have a “common narrative.” Axios conveniently decided to delete its tweet fact-checking a statement from Kamala Harris.

Wouldn’t want to point out any wrong statements from this administration! And lastly, there’s a new dating trend hitting the scene, and it’s called … “Fauci-ing.” #biden#2ndamendment#newsandwhy

Irreducible Elements of the Gospel

The gospel is the great nonnegotiable of Christian truth. We aren’t allowed to add to, subtract from, embellish, or rejigger the sacred message of how sinful men can be reconciled to a holy God.

That’s why the apostle Paul reserved his sternest warning for anyone who would dare to mess with the message: “If any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed” (Galatians 1:9).

The preacher is left with one option when it comes to faithful gospel proclamation—and it’s not an elusive option reserved for scholars. Paul expected his audience to be able to clearly differentiate between the one true gospel and all the other pretenders. It is an expectation implicitly placed upon all believers. With that in mind, we recently asked John MacArthur to identify and explain the essential truths of saving faith—the irreducible elements of the gospel.

Our destinies hinge on the unshakable nature of those truths. Any variation in just one of them and the hope of eternal life completely collapses.  

If you present a different god than the God of Scripture, you are effectively calling people to idolatry. If you preach another Christ you do not have the Lord; you have a liar or a lunatic. If salvation by grace through faith alone is corrupted with even the smallest amount of works-righteousness, “Christ will be of no benefit to you” (Galatians 5:2). If we don’t repent from our former sinful ways, we will perish (Luke 13:3,5).

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