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Are They Coming After the Jews Again? | Tom and Olivier Connect with Tom and Olivier! Tom Hughes --- Stay Connected: Facebook: Instagram: Rumble: Website: Olivier Melnick -- Facebook:

Scratching My Head

Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker talks about things that have him scratching his head, as he wonders what it's all about!

Travis Scott 666 #ASTROWorld Ritual REVEALED! HELL Opened its MOUTH to Snatch Souls! #BodySnatcher

There are Many People that believe Travis Scott’s Travis ASTROWorld (astrotheology-zoroastrianism the worship of Fallen Angels/Aliens and kids) concert was a Satanic Ritual. Coincidentally it began 666 months and 6 days from the creation of the Church of Satan, Kris Jenner also turned 66… but these coincidences are nothing to the symbolism found at the event itself. You tell me, is any of this Godly?

JD Farag Prophecy Update 2021-11-07 (with Worship)

Pastor JD talks about how Bible prophecy has the much-needed effect of loosening our ever-tightening grip on our lives in this fallen world.

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