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Woke Christianity is NOT CHRISTIANITY.

Woke Christianity is NOT CHRISTIANITY

Bible Prophecy Update with James Kaddis and Tom Hughes

October 12th, 2021 LIVE!!! With Tom Hughes and James Kaddis!!! The world is going crazy, and bible prophecy couldn't be more accurate!!! The newest news stories serve as evidence that we are in the last days! There's much to talk about, so tune in and grab your cup of coffee, because here comes the most enjoyable time of the week!!!

Peering into the prophetic progression For those who observe the signs of the times—the end-times weather report—indicators continue to mount that Christ’s Second Coming must be near. For pre-Tribbers, this accumulation...

Tony Perkins on the Fight to End Genocide

Tony Perkins discusses the plight of persecuted Christians and religious minorities around the world and what the average person can do to fight against religious persecution.

Tony Perkins on Biblical Worldview in America

Tony Perkins reacts to a recent survey about faith in America and how Christians can view world events through a Biblical lens.

Psaki Goes FULL COMMIE When TX and FL Block Vaccine Mandates

Biden's Press Sec. Jen Psaki went FULL COMMIE when asked about Texas and Florida blocking vaccine mandates.

Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies”: The Great Illuminati Reversal

What is the meaning behind Justin Timberlake’s Supplies? Why are there people worshiping an Illuminati pyramid? Here’s a look at the intense symbolism of the music video Supplies.

Lebron Showing His Support To Satan

Lebron James' pregame rituals involve bizarre hand signs, devil horns, pyramids and more.

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