Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Daily Archives: Aug 29, 2021

DON STEWART is HERE Today!!! This is going to be GREAT!!!

Today, Pastor Don Stewart will be sharing a study from Matthew entitled "Jesus is Lord of All!" Don't miss out, because todays study will prove to be exceptional!!!

Bible Prophecy Update – August 29th, 2021

Pastor JD talks about how we can strengthen ourselves in the Lord as we face the perilous days ahead.

Will Unvaccinated Children Soon Be Denied Medical Care? The answer is YES!!

One may ask the question, what world are we living in?

BREAKING: Chase Bank canceled the credit card of General Mike Flynn, citing “reputational risk.” This is happening in America.

Chase bank allegedly sent a letter to General Mike Flynn, a retired 3-star General, that they were canceling his credit card in a string of suspicious cancelations by US banks upon other President Donald J. Trump supporters.  An announcement was made by a friend of Flynn’s who often reports on the Flynn family activities.

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