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visitors to Hawaii arrested for having fake COVID vaccination cards

You cannot make this stuff up! Hawaii is now arresting visitors over fake COVID vaccination cards. Wow, two years ago you told me this, I would say no way! Wow Wow Wow

NTEB PROPHECY NEWS PODCAST: Horrific Scenes Of People Falling Out Of Airplanes As Biden’s Order Plunges Afghanistan Into Utter Madness

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, it was a wild end times weekend, with no signs of letup here on Monday. The whole world was so focused on the stunning fall of Afghanistan, despite assurances from Biden himself that that would not happen, that not many people noticed the 7.2 earthquakes in Haiti that has killed thousands.

CNN Makes STUNNING Statement, Says Taliban Are “Chanting Death To America” But “Seem Friendly”

Fake News and Americans Properganda News CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward described a group of Taliban fighters as “friendly” whilst they chanted “Death to America” on the streets of Kabul.

Tucker: We are led by buffoons, everything they touch turns to chaos

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host calls 'neoliberal' ideas 'grotesque' and 'ridiculous.' #FoxNews #Tucke

The Coming Seven Years of Great Tribulation with Don Perkins

The Coming Seven Years of Great Tribulation with Don Perkins

TED CRUZ just SAVED the REPUBLIC at 3:30 AM!!!

Nobody in the mainstream media covered this, but it was one of the most significant moments in recent US history. This serves as a warning for us to stay alert because evil waits at every corner. #standagainsttyranny #tedcruz #therepublic #ccsignalhill #godisgoodallthetime #beware

Breaking News: The Post American World Order Has Begun

Gog and Magog is a term used often to describe an end-times war. The Bible indicates that there will be two different wars with the same name. Only one of those wars you want to see and live through! Which one? When? Where?


This is going to be a great discussion with Pastors James and Dale!!! You DON'T want to miss out!!! This is a SPECIAL LIVE UPDATE!!!

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