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Daily Archives: Mar 29, 2021

Tucker Carlson: Our Military Has Gone Full Woke

Tucker Carlson noted that our military is starting to become uncomfortably woke under Joe Biden.

Ron DeSantis Issues Scorching Rebuttal to Biden’s “Vaccine Passport” Plan

Gov. DeSantis is not about to let his constituents be ruled by Joe Biden's decree.

The Strategy: Deceive, Divide, Destroy – Dr. Ron Rhodes Jan Markell spends the hour with Dr. Ron Rhodes. Topic one is the intensified spiritual battle you are now facing in these last days....

God Fearing Pastor Greg Locke speaks truth on rapper’s ‘Satan shoes’: ‘You tell Lil Nas X I said so’

Greg Locke, God fearing conservative pastor of Global Vision Bible Church, spoke out at Lil Nas X in a sermon on Sunday after the rapper promoted so-called “Satan shoes.”

JD Farag Prophecy Update 3/28/2021 | Sitting On The Fence

Pastor JD addresses the problem of those who don’t know who or what to believe with all the differing opinions.

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