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Why did God create People whom He Knew would go to Hell?

Why would God create people to only send them to hell

The Rapture According to John Walvoord

The following is a short paper written for a seminary class. The prompt was “Survey writings of Dr. John F. Walvoord on eschatology in 1 & 2 Thessalonians; write a summary and your reflections.”

Francis Chan Forced to Leave Hong Kong, Visa Request Denied in Aftermath of Communist Takeover

Chan and his family relocated to Hong Kong last year to become international missionaries. He was preparing to plant three churches with his sons-in-law when they were forced to leave the country, according to ChinaAid.

Watchman Episode 185: Wars and Rumors of Wars — The Middle East Tinderbox Heats Up

Host Erick Stakelbeck interviews three top experts on the rising tensions betweent Iran and the U.S./Israel alliance, and if war is coming to the Middle East in 2021. How is Iran equipping its proxies across the region with deadly weapons—and is Iran closer than ever to acquiring a nuclear bomb? #MiddleEast​ #Iran​ #Israel

Turkey Assembles Multi National Islamic Army – The West’s Greatest Fear

Turkey is assembling a multi-national Islamic Army it calls "the West's Greatest Fear." Could it end up being the 2nd largest in the world?

Furious Father Calls School Board ‘a Bunch of Cowards’ in Viral Rant as Parents Frustrated with Ongo

Furious Father Calls School Board 'a Bunch of Cowards' in Viral Rant as Parents Frustrated with Ongoing Closures

Stage Set for Possible Israel-Iran Clash, How Will Biden Respond? 01/29/21

Stage set for possible Israel-Iran clash; and Judea, Samaria want Washington to stay Trump's course in biblical heartland; plus do South Africans think Israel is an Apartheid state? And Holocaust remembrance at Israel's heart-wrenching memorial.

Christian World News | January 29, 2021

Christian World News | January 29, 2021

“Setting The Stage For The Mark Of The Beast”- Prophecy Update

The Conditioning process is happening before our very eyes. Each passing day we see the world continuing to be conditioned to submit to the Antichrist and New World Order after the rapture of the Church as well as accepting the coming Mark of the Beast.

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