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World Economic Forum China claiming it is World Leader ?

99% of politicians and elites do not care about the America worker.

While we have little trust in our politicians, it is important to keep our focus on Jesus. Remember our God is on the throne! It is clear Jesus is coming soon!!

America is moving towards a police state

Tulsi Gabbard, warns America is fast track towards a police state under the Biden Administration and the radical left. ​

The ? World is a Hot Mess!

Todd Friel talks current events

Censorship is sweeping our nation

The new President Biden, his administration, our government, tech monopolies is wasting no time to silence 79,000,000 Americans.

Chris Salcedo demands answers from the 'radical Left' and examines why they will continue to work against the interest of the American people and more

Pastors’ Perspective 01/26/2021

Pastors' Perspective 01/26/2021

Biden’s plan: Make America Unemployed Again | Steve Daines

Senator Steve Daines comments on Joe Biden's explorations of different policies, including reported interest in putting a stop to the Keystone Pipeline.

(Parody) When Cancel Culture Cancels Everything

Take a stand against censorship.

The Truth is Coming Out! | Pastor Kaddis

Pastor James Kaddis discusses the lies surrounding the Biden Administration, and MSN.

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