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Mega Churches future?

The world teaches it is all about you. However the Bible says the complete opposite. The world says, Hey its feels good, do it, but the world has it backward.

Before the Wrath with Brent Miller Jr | Christ in Prophecy

Could the amazing symbolism behind the ancient Galilean wedding prove that Jesus Christ will return to rapture the Church before the Tribulation? Find out with guest Brent Miller Jr on television's "Christ in Prophecy"!

Guard the Truth | Prophetic Perspectives #136

As delusion abounds, how can Christians guard their hearts with the truth? Find out with guest Jeff Kinley and Tim Moore of the Lamb & Lion Ministries evangelism team as they provide their Prophetic Perspectives.

The Bible Has WARNED You……Will You Listen?

This is an original narration recorded specifically for this video in the Lion of Judah studio

Gohmert goes off: Biden will help China anywhere he can

Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas comments on recent executive orders signed by President Joe Biden regarding China's access to different United States assets. - via National Report with Emma Rechenberg, weekdays at 9AM ET on Newsmax TV

They are violating of the Constitution | Alan Dershowitz

Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz sets the record straight - 'this sets a dangerous precedent.' He examines the dangers of impeaching a president out of office and more

Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic Message to Joe Biden! (Presidential Inaugural 2020)

Jonathan Cahn’s prophetic message and warning to Joe Biden and America re: the Presidential Inauguration 2020

Millions Coming to Christ in China – Very Encouraging!

Someone recently left a comment about Christianity being suppressed in China...but they have no idea what the Lord is actually doing there right now! Then Ray shares the gospel with two young men.


Need I say more??? Our Enemy, the devil, hates freedom and wants to destroy you by locking you up. How do we win? Watch this video and find out! #freedom #liberty #satan #hates #free #people #godisgoodallthetime #ccsignalhill #winner

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