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Party in power is demonizing half of the country

Tucker Carlson reacts to Joe Biden's inaugural address and what it means for the future. #FoxNews #Tucker

Cancel Culture: Social Media Blackouts Are Coming To Believers [Prophecy Update]

The World has changed almost overnight. Now we are watching America turn into a totalitarian state and now censorship is happening, no one cares about facts and evidence, the globalist communist narrative is the narrative and the agenda is the most important.

What did we THINK was GOING to HAPPEN???

Today we have a new president, and already this are looking dark. Believe it or not, it’s ALL THE MORE REASON to be encouraged. Here’s why! #ccsignalhill #godisgoodallthetime #pray #for #our #president #godhelpus #potus46 #israel #iran #joebiden

Dark Winter | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

In this weeks Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes, we look at a few of the troubling developments for Christians in the United States.

That’s All Folks

Discussing the American Presidential inauguration and the coming of Jesus Christ.

The Dennis Prager Show LIVE

The Dennis Prager Show LIVE

Gazan-Islamists fire rocket toward Israel; US indicates will to re-enter JCPOA-TV7 Israel News 20.01

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, ahead of the imminent Presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington DC, welcomed the end of the Trump Administration.

When a Wicked Man Rules… The People Groan

When a Wicked Man Rules… The People Groan

Biden’s Plan to Destroy America

Just hours into this presidency, Biden is planning to undo almost everything Trump put into place. This is his plan to destroy America in just 17 strokes of the pen.

Biden’s ‘Day One’ Agenda: Transgender Bathrooms, Funding Planned Parenthood, Paris Climate Accords and More

President-elect Joe Biden has a slew of executive orders and activities planned for January 20 after he is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States at noon. Though the theme of Biden’s first inaugural address will be unity, several of Biden’s orders for his “Day One” agenda are guaranteed to be quite divisive.

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