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PROPAGANDA: Don Winslow’s chilling video promoting attacking anyone voted for Trump as Patriotic!

Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf that when he became ruler he would rid Germany of all the Jews

Tucker: Democratic Party is planning a war on half of America

Tucker Carlson on the rhetoric being directed at Republicans as the Biden administration is set to take office.

Pray God Is In Control | The Best Is Yet To Come

Pray God Is In Control | The Best Is Yet To Come. Testing of your faith.

How to not be as unhappy as liberals are

What is Good is being Called Evil and Evil is being called good. Brother Todd talks you off the edge.

Encouragement and Certainty for 2021

Join us for the new episode of Apologia Radio! We have 3 of our 4 Elders on to provide some encouraging words for 2021. We realize there has been so much bad news. We want to give you all some hope.

You’re Going to Pass it!

You’re Going to Pass it! [From The Smart Student's Guide To Passing Test | Jonathan Cahn

Kayleigh McEnany: It Has Been ‘A True Honor’ Serving As Press Secretary

Kayleigh McEnany tweeted her farewell to her role as press secretary. Take a look back at some of her most memorable moments at the podium.

My last talk with President Trump | Rudy Giuliani

GIULIANI: The former NYC Mayor and noted ally of President Trump in his fight for re-election comments to Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly about his last conversation with the sitting president, and what's next for 'America's Mayor.'

Biden replaces Flags to represent his fake votes

Military Forces fill Washington DC, and Flags replace US Citizens as newly stolen elections place Dementia Biden as President. Hmmm

A message to OUR PRESIDENT!!!

This video will be different from many of the videos you’ve seen, but it’s designed to be a very public way of expressing my heart of gratitude towards president trump! @flotus @teamtrump @realdonaldtrump #potus #thankyou #ccsignalhill #godisgoodallthetime #45 #god #bless #president #trump #pray #for #our #nation

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