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Melania Trump Releases Farewell Message That Every American Needs to Hear

First Lady Melania Trump just released a farewell message from The White House that EVERY American needs to see.

The Need For Hope with Al Gist | Christ in Prophecy

Need hope for the new year? Find your hope with guest Al Gist on television's "Christ in Prophecy"!

Biden already working to rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal after pressure from Iran

Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst General Jack Keane argues the U.S. has ‘got to be tougher’ when negotiating a new nuclear deal with Iran.

? LIVE: Are You Being Deceived to Death? #SanctityofLifeSunday​

Join us live for #SanctityofLifeSunday​ with a special message by Frank Turek of @Cross Examined

Grounded: In Prayer and Gratitude

Join Pastor Steve Freeman, Calvary Chapel Living Hope in the series GROUNDED: In Prayer and Gratitude 1 Timothy 2

Shocking Prophecies Being Fulfilled Right Now

Shocking Prophecies Being Fulfilled Right Now

Bible Prophecy Update – January 17th, 2021

Pastor JD talks about defeating the giants in our lives and explains how the giant of “Big Tech” is actually playing into the hands of the infinitely true and “Bigger God.”

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