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July 1st Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

In this week's Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes, we look at how pandemics or other disasters can be used to create fear and how that fear can be used as a means of control.

Remarks by Vice President Pence at the Celebrate Freedom Rally | Dallas, TX

First Baptist Church DallasDallas, Texas 11:37 A.M. CDT THE VICE PRESIDENT:  It’s good to be back in church.  (Applause.)  Pastor Jeffress, thank you for that overly...

Morning Devotional From Pastor Ken |7.1.20

Pastor Ken shares a short devotional with us this morning. Make sure to share this so others can be encouraged! If you need prayer click the following link:


In recent weeks there have been many people taking notice to letters posted on different businesses about a Coin Shortage. The reason given is that the Federal Reserve has stopped sending them. This raises many questions.

Tucker: Ordinary citizens stand up as politicians cower to the rage mob

For weeks, we've asked who will stand up for our country. The answer, we're learning, is Americans. #FoxNews #Tucker

Breaking News Update | Don Stewart

?Tuesday's headlines Don will be covering on Breaking News for June 30 on

The EU and the revived ROMAN empire in the last days!!!

Let’s see what the Bible says about this confederation of 10 nations in the last days!!! #eu #rome #antichrist #lastdays #bibleprophecy #revelation #godisgoodallthetime #ccsignalhill #coronavirus

Billy Graham – Stick With God | One of the MOST POWERFUL Videos You’ll Ever Watch

Billy Graham | Stick With God | One of the MOST POWERFUL Videos You’ll Ever Watch

Billy Graham | One of the MOST POWERFUL Videos You’ll Ever Watch | Inspirational Video

God is unchanging today and forever. God’s love is unchanging. He’ll never love you any less than he does right now. God’s plan of salvation will never change. It is solely through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Repentant sinners are saved by grace through faith.

Your News From Israel |June 30, 2020 | #Palestinians #Knesset #COVID

The #Palestinians are saying they’re ready to talk to Israel directly… but is this a legitimate offer? We look at where things stand with Israel’s plan to expand its sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria, one day ahead of the intended #Knesset vote.

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