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Daily Archives: Jun 26, 2020

Prophecy Update- June 26th | Tom Hughes

Tom and David Tal - June 26th Prophecy Update

Top 3 Comments I get On Every Video From The Legalists, Lordshippers & Pharisees Answered

Watchman addresses the Top 3 comments from those against the Salvation & Grace.

What is President Trumps Announcement on Israel Peace Deal?

Donald Trump Says He Has A HUGE Announcement @ 7 Year Israel Peace Deal SOON!

Perhaps the Best Thing You Can Do for Young Christian Believers

J Warner Wallace discuss the best thin you can do for young christian believers.

6.26.20 Morning Devotional From Pastor Ken

Pastor Ken shares a short devotional with us this morning. Make sure to share this so others can be encouraged!

‘The New Age Movement is the BIGGEST Threat to Christians & the Church Today!’ | Steven Bancarz

A Pew Research study found that 61% of the American population holds at least one New Age belief. Steven Bancarz tells Allie why that's a big deal, and why the church — and Christians — need to pay attention.

Kade Hawkins – Founder, CEO of Prophecy News Watch

Maybe you're discouraged by what you see on the news or you're angry at the events of our times, but there is more to the story that the stories you see in mainstream media. But how do you get the rest of the story?

Detention Camps again? What is Globalist End Game?

Globalists Signal Their “End Game” Atrocity! Detention Camps Ahead? Dave Hodges Bombshell!

The Devil is winning big time in the racial wars.

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Tucker: President Trump’s hope for re-election

President Trump needs to defend institutions that we hold dear. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!

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