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Daily Archives: Jun 23, 2020

Facebook EXPOSED | Evil Plot to Censor Trump Supporters

Facebook Just Got EXPOSED! Secret Video REVEALS their Evil Plan to Cancel Trump!

Watchman Newscast: Who is the Most Dangerous Man in the Middle East?

Host Erick Stakelbeck looks at disturbing recent moves by Iran and Turkey and breaks down which nation is a bigger threat to stability in the Middle East and beyond.


July 23rd World News as it relates to Bible Prophecy with Don Stewart

⏰ In one hour everything will change |David Wilkerson

This event will change everything in one hour! Pastor David Wilkerson Vision.

Will Jimmy Kimmel be canceled? The radical left are attacking their own

Jimmy Kimmel has been ABC puppet for many years. He has completely lost his base, which was primarily conservatives. Now Kimmel is looking at backlash from his blackface.

2020 A Strange New Normal…Unprecedented Wickedness

We are living in the Last Days. 2020 is not slowing down and it is becoming more clear the rapture is at the door.

CANCELLED: Leftists Seek To Remove “White” Jesus and Teddy Roosevelt; Shapiro Responds

The radical left wants to remove Jesus due to "white" privilege. Listen to Shapiro (Jewish) destroy the movement.

CBN NewsWatch PM | June 23, 2020

CBN’s David Brody has an exclusive interview with President Donald Trump and talks election, pandemic and more. The funeral for Rayshard Brooks was held in Atlanta and streamed online. What are health leaders saying is next with COVID19? Two.

Despite Massive NYC Protests, Police Hand-Pick 2 Pro-Lifers to Arrest Near Planned Par..

'Clear Bias': Despite Massive NYC Protests, Police Hand-Pick 2 Pro-Lifers to Arrest Near Planned Parenthood

ALL LIVES MATTER! 14 people shot and killed in Chicago on Fathers Day.

The race war is raging. We need to remember ALL LIVES MATTER. God does not care about the color of your skin. We are made in the image of God.

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