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What You Really Need To Know In These Last Days | Jack Hibbs

We're back in 2 Peter today! Download my notes and follow along by clicking here:

The Book of Genesis |Calvary Chapel Signal Hill

Pastor James Kaddis is reading from The Book of Genesis chapter 8. Tune in now!

Luke Chapter 11 | Calvary Church At Home

Happy Fathers Day service with Pastor Skip. Pastor Skip reading out of Luke 11.

Prophecy Interview with Tom Hughes and Bill Salus

Tom Hughes and Bill Salus discuss Bible Prophecy and Current Events.

I, Pet Goat 2

I am going to try to give as close to an accurate analysis as I can. The thing is, this film was created to be openly and broadly interpreted. It is not the Gospel, not even close. It all depends on the depth of your own knowledge and ability to think freely. There are literally hundreds of interpretations that can be found for this film online, but they all have certain common points or themes, and I’m going to hit on those here. We’re also going to get into the creators’ interpretations of it, to try to get a better understanding of his creative intentions.

?Criminals Occupying’Chaz’ disrespect Trump Supporting female street ✝️preachers!

Watch as Chaz Criminals disrespect Street Preacher.


Just look at what these criminals are doing to our country. Please understand #America that our Hope is in Jesus Christ. The democrats and elite are pushing their one world agenda. Jesus is coming soon.

What You Really Need To Know In These Last Days | Jack Hibbs

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs as the study in 2 Peter and WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW - IN THESE LAST DAYS.

Neuralink Elon Musk: The End Of Humanity

Neuralink Elon Musk: The End Of Humanity - What is Neuralink? When Elon Musk comes to mind my first response is what next... Every invention, every idea and every project seems to get crazier every time! Neuralink may have topped it all! The Elon Musk Neuralink implant sounds absolutely crazy but when Neuralink has been explained it starts to make sense. Neuralink is a minuscule brain implant that is going to merge humans and AI.

The Grand Finale|Prophecy Update | JD FARAG 7/21/20

The Grand Finale. JD FARAG LIVE from the Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii. Prophecy Update |JD FARAG 7/21/20

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