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New Again Brad Paisley & Sara Evans

A video that we put together right after this song was released using clips from the movie "Passion of the Christ".

Urgent Message From Watchman On The Wall 88

Brother Chad and Watchman on the Wall 88 address concerns regarding specific attacks and twisting his words and teachings.

When the Godless Play God – Pastor Billy Crone

Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone for the hour. Godless people are playing God in stunning ways. They visit the issue of vaccines as they can alter the human genome and sometimes create more evil than good. Jesus must return before the aberrations run rampant

Phil Robertson Takes On Our Culture of Overreaction, Lying & Why Self-Control Is Underrated

Phil is NOT a fan of how much people overreact these days, especially when it leads to lost jobs and being "canceled." Jase and Al tell the story of a young family member who caused an explosive incident on their vacation and how he came clean about it. Jase identifies the most underrated quality of the Holy Spirit and explains why the Bible isn't like a college course. And the local redneck finds out what happens when he breaks Jase's trailer rule.

The slippery slope just got dangerous for Evangelicals.

If 2020 could not get any crazier! Please get us out of here!

? BREAKING ? NEWS | Bible Prophecy| Don Stewart 7/18/20

Breaking News with Don Stewart. Discussion of daily world news as it relates to these last days and bible prophecy.

Tucker: There are two versions of the law

America's shutdown exposed huge double standard. #FoxNews #Tucker

Hannity: America is at a tipping point

Please take a moment and look at what God is telling us! Law and order, peace and safety or liberal lawlessness and total anarchy. #FoxNews#Hannity

Why does the BIBLE tell us to FEAR NOT?

This is one video you won’t want to miss! #nofear #perfectlove #feargod #trust #godisgoodallthetime #ccsignalhill #coronavirus

Q&A with Pastor James Kaddis and Don Stewart

Watch as Pastor James Kaddis and Don Stewart discuss current events as it relates to Bible Prophecy.

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