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Daily Archives: Jun 8, 2020

Rapture Dream / Vision from the Lord!

I had my first rapture dream last night! I had been praying to God for one for months after watching hundreds of Rapture Dream videos the past few months. He confirmed that the commonalities in all these dreams are accurate! Jesus is coming soon, look up! Bless you all and let me know how I can pray for you.

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All of these events around the world today are unlike any other in human history and for many reasons, one being that the worldwide community turns out to be linked to a system of belief, a global governing agenda that has tied us together by an invisible, cyber chain of information and data, and it’s all about you.

What is Happening to America: Bible Prophecy Update – June 7th, 2020

Pastor J.D. addresses what’s happening to America and in America as it relates to the conspicuous absence in Bible prophecy of America. Connect with Pastor J.D. Farag on Social Media to stay updated on his latest Bible Prophecy teachings and End Times-related news.

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